Advice to Make the Right Decisions with Individual Touch

Contemplating changes to your Business operation, searching for methods to analyze the current performance or find the next growth spurt? We welcome the opportunity to be your sounding board or join in on a temporary basis to lend our expertise and methods, from start-up to Exit.

Business Advisory

Our advisory services concentrate around four core activities based on our international and business acumen. These activities should offer added value to your current business and lead to more successful buy/sell transactions.

Exit Strategies

We assist you in the process of preparing you and your business for sale over a time frame of your choosing. The more prepared you and your business are for a sale, the better the transaction process will go. You can even obtain a higher value during the sale. Your ease of mind is assured throughout and after the process. Exit planning involves answering "yes" to seven questions:

Strategy Solutions for Success

• Do you know your exact retirement goals and what it will take—in cash—to reach them?
• Do you know how much your business is worth today, in cash?
• Do you know the best way to maximize the income stream generated by your ownership interest?
• Do you know how to sell your business to a third party and pay the least possible taxes?

• Do you know how to transfer your business to family members, co-owners, or employees while paying the least possible taxes and enjoying maximum financial security?
• Do you have a continuity plan for your business if the unexpected happens to you?
• Do you have a plan to secure financial independence for your family if the unexpected happens to you?

Business Improvements

If your business is not performing as it could, or your valuation comes up short compared your exit expectations, let us assist you with our performance-improving system. We will work with you and your business for an extended period of time to implement and realize the expected performance.