Buy and Sell on a Global Scale

Reach the next level of corporate success by competing in the global marketplace. We provide you with international business strategies, entering the US market or for US companies expanding to Europe.

Your Entry to the Marketplace

Using our international experience, we offer small European and US companies a way to enter a new, foreign market. We operate independently without obligations to any sponsored agency. However, we are also well-connected to all incentives and support teams that are available to us in the US and through our affiliation with Brain Advisors in Europe. Our approach is dedicated to our individual mandates and we only take non-competing entities so as not to compromise our integrity and your success. Our services include:

• Market Assessment/Feasibility Study
• Grants and Incentives Available, Labor Market, Site Assessment
• Entry Strategy and Barrier Identification

• Partner or Acquisition
• Assistance with Your Own Startup
• Greensite™
• Office/Sales/Distribution

• Representation
• Project Management
• Temporary Management
• Advisory Role