Sell A Business

Selling the Business is not part of the business owner’s daily routine and relying on your traditional resources might not provide the results that brings you to a worry-free retirement in value creation, or worse the Business may simply not sell or lose Value over the course of the sale process, because it takes too much time.
Timing the market to sell, works well when you are prepared to sell, and you can move very quickly. That is, however, not the standard situation, as many times the Buyer / Seller relation is not an immediate match.

If your selling, the original positions are minimal:
- Sell to Family or to one or multiple Employees
- Run the Business out and close the Door
- Sell to a third party
Strategic or Individual Buyer
- There might be an option to sell part of your Business to a PEG, and you continue to run the business (this might be an option when you need Capital to grow, or want some share in risk/responsibility)

Why not let the professionals handle the sale of your business, while you continue to oversee it and continue to increase its Value?
Confidentiality is our main objective, and we will always maintain the point of contact with you personally. Our processes are aligned with industry standards but are also adjusted to the specific needs of your company. We work with your team and bring our expertise to prepare your Business for sale.

Here is how the CHV Group can help:

We will discuss the options you have to sell and how to prepare with the following schedule:
- Analyze the Business and Industry, as preparation for the valuation
- Calculate adjusted EBITDA, define Quality of Earnings
- Prepare an Opinion of Value, review market options
- Discuss the deal structure and Tax implications
- Owners decision time is this the time and is the Owner ready to part, prepared for the life after and Portfolio is durable enough for retirement
- If yes,
- Discuss the due diligence requirements
- Establish the Marketing Strategy, Best Buyer Scenario
- Compile the list of Potential Buyers
- Prepare Teaser and Confidential Memorandum
- Send the Teasers and if the appropriate list on Websites, completely confidential
- Qualify interest, fit and finances
- Lead the negotiation though Term Sheet and LOI
- Assist in due diligence, Agreements, and Closing